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Jan 7

I’m thrilled that the Amazon Editors have selected Schooling the Viscount to be one of the Best Books of the Month in romance, calling it “hilarious.” I’ll take it! It’s also the Lyrical staff rec of the month, “filled with a ton of madcap humor and an equal measure of heart. This new series has it all—laughter, deep emotion, love, and tears. You will be transported to Victorian England, so if you’re up for an armchair travel this winter, this is the book for you!” Early Goodreads reviews are pretty positive too. So while I’m trapped at the end of … Read more »

Oct 7
With a Little Help from my Friends

Welcome to Serenity Harbor will be out soon! Ten Maine romance authors and their friends have contributed to this anthology, and have delivered a peek into the Pine Tree State of Mind! Isn’t the cover lovely?serenity-harbor-sample-4 My contribution: “Love in the Library”

Rob Campion is a male librarian who believes in literature with a capital L. Belle Standish is a female romance writer who doesn’t believe in love anymore. When they spend a night with the lights out, will they wake up on the same page?… Read more »

Feb 9
Vive la France!

The third book in the Ladies Unlaced series, The Reluctant Governess, has broken into the Top 100 Kindle books on Amazon France. Artist Nick and his reluctant governess Eliza are tickled pink. Les Couleurs d’Eliza is currently #4 in historical romances!eliza frenchRead more »

Dec 8
2015 Free Christmas Read

duel champagneWhen Dani from Ramblings from This Chick assigned me my topic for her annual historical writers’ event, I admit I was a little hesitant. Most of my stories are humorous historicals, with no bloodshed involved. Dueling pistols? Swords? Fruitcake at fifty paces? I hope you’ll like the weapon I chose.

This original scene stars three old friends, and the young woman they all love. Enjoy! And have the happiest of holidays!

December 24, 1820

The Long Gallery was pitch-dark, but that wasn’t going to stop him. One way or another, Antony Howe was going to win.

Once, Bastian had been … Read more »

Aug 20
Foreign Translation Fun

So thrilled that right now in France, Accordez-moi Une Nuit is the number one new historical romance! And the first two Ladies Unlaced books have come out in hardcover in Russia. Vive everything!French highlANDERSAMSUNGRead more »

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