Maggie Robinson

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A Ladies Unlaced Romance, Book 3
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August 14, 2014

From the author of In The Arms of the Heiress, a seductive Edwardian romance about getting schooled in the ways of the heart—and desire…

As secretary for the renowned Evensong Agency, Eliza Lawrence is not the sort to lose her head. So when the boss’s bohemian brother-in-law is in need of a governess, she is willing to fill in temporarily while an acceptable replacement is found. She has no doubt she can maintain her morals regardless of her employer’s infamous charms.

Despite his bad reputation, Nicholas Raeburn is a man of honor. He considers himself perfectly fit to raise his young daughter alone, regardless of the judgments of prudish women such as Eliza. If only he weren’t so drawn to the meddlesome woman’s sparkling wit and uncommon beauty…

When a scandal forces Nicholas and Eliza into close quarters, neither can deny that their opposite dispositions are attracting, in a most fervent way. And the longer they conspire to keep Nicholas’s daughter safe from disgrace, the harder it is to deny their smoldering connection…

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