Maggie Robinson

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Once Upon A Christmas
Vauxhall Vixens
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November 1, 2016

including Maggie’s “A Price Above Rubies”

The holidays are a time for family, celebration—and the Dukes of Ravenglass to fall in love. Spend the Christmas season with the Wynter family, as the Dukes of Ravenglass find their happily-ever-afters in this delightful, heartfelt collection that spans from the Regency era to the present day. Praise from NYT best-selling author Julie Anne Long: “Four sparkling, sensual, emotion-packed stories from four distinctive talents—it’s like diving into a box of Christmas candy.”

In A Price Above Rubies by Maggie Robinson, set in the Regency era, paid companion Helen Lowe doesn’t know the man she shares her first-ever dance—and first-ever kiss—is Gabriel Wynter, a reclusive, notorious duke. When Helen flees after being exposed, she leaves behind something of far greater value than a glass slipper. Can Gabriel find her, return it, and finally open his heart?

In the Victorian-era set, Never Have I Ever Fallen in Love with a Duke by Tiffany Clare, Alexander Wynter has a problem—his best friend’s younger sister grew up. When he agreed to help Emily MacCallon make her debut, he didn’t expect the beautiful, alluring woman before him—or for her to lead him on such a merry chase. Alexander knows one thing: the only man she’ll be kissing forever and ever is him.

In the World War II-set, Loving Lord Spy by J.K. Coi, Winnie Jenkins, a combat nurse, and Lord David Wynter, an injured British spy, fall in love at the worst possible time. Each of them owes a duty to their country and must go their separate ways. They promise that when the war is finally over, they’ll meet in Hyde Park on Christmas morning…but agree that if one of them doesn’t make it, the other won’t seek out the reason why. Can they keep their appointment? Or will secrets, lies, and the perils of war keep them apart?

A missed connection gets a second chance in the present-day contemporary romance, Saved by the Belle by Elyssa Patrick. Seven years ago, Kit Wynter met the woman of his dreams. Even after all this time, he’s never been able to forget the American girl who captured his heart. When Belle Sweeney answers his ad—for she, too, never forgot him—it feels like there’s something still there. Spending the holiday at Ravenglass Abbey is the perfect opportunity to figure out if this is love.

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Welcome to Serenity Harbor
Theresa S. Brisbin
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November 10, 2016

Welcome to Serenity Harbor, Maine, where waves slap against the rocky shore and love is always in the air.

Two centuries after a ship, The Serenity, brought the first families to this part of the secluded Maine coast, the town is home to their descendants and a destination for tourists and travelers seeking their own slice of heaven—and blueberry pie.

Join ten Maine authors and their friends in their walk around Serenity Harbor, and maybe you’ll find the sheep that sometimes get loose on Main Street!

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Schooling the Viscount
The Cotswold Confidential Series, Book 1
Lyrical Press
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January 31, 2017

Captain Lord Henry Challoner is a young viscount who’s left his ambition on the plains of South Africa. Wounded in the First Boer War, he’s come home and wishes he were anywhere else, until his desperate father sends him to Puddling-on-the-Wold to rusticate and recalibrate. How can Henry have any fun without any alcohol, or worse yet, any women? Kept under house arrest under the watchful eye of his draconian housekeeper and earnest local vicar, he’s bored enough to begin speaking to sheep until he literally stumbles across schoolteacher Rachel Everett.

Rachel knows she’s not on Henry’s improvement plan, but can’t seem to avoid or repel him no matter what she does to keep him at arm’s length. Could it be that she quite enjoys being in his arms, even if it’s against all the Puddling Rehabilitation Rules? Can Rachel circumvent the town fathers and Henry escape his personal jailors and demons?

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The Cotswold Confidential Series, Book 2
Lyrical Press
Coming in 2017!

Lady Sarah Marchmain—Sadie to her few friends—a headstrong duke’s daughter, does not care for the man her father insists she marry, or any man, really. After coming to literal blows over her impending nuptials, Sadie finds herself incarcerated in charming Puddling-on-the-Wold until she “sees reason.” She couldn’t be happier to get away from her loathsome family, especially after she meets the local baronet’s son, Tristan Sykes. There is something about the brooding man that unexpectedly intrigues her, even if her heart is as hard as a South African diamond.

Tristan, however, knows his history. His own grandmother might have married his grandfather when she was locked up in Puddling, but he has no interest in marriage, nor does he wish to bring any scandal on the Puddling Rehabilitation Foundation. They narrowly averted a lawsuit last year, and his father Sir Bertram was so shaken he’s removed himself to Paris, leaving his son in charge of the governing board.

Tristan can’t let his father down. But how can he resist redheaded Sadie Marchmain when she turns up around every corner of his ancestral estate?

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The Cotswold Confidential Series, Book 3
Lyrical Press
Coming in 2017!

Lord Jonathan Haskell Ryder has spent the past year trying to make life right for the victims of a railway accident he feels responsible for. As owner of an iron foundry—amongst many other businesses—Jack always considered himself a different kind of baron, one who didn’t just rely on his inheritance but made efforts to be useful and modernize the United Kingdom. But after a casting defect causes a bridge girder to collapse and fall along with the train upon it, he realizes he’s been too ambitious with far too many interests to oversee properly. He’s sold the foundry and other businesses and distributed the proceeds to the people who were injured in the carriages. But money cannot replace those who were killed.

Now he plans to rest in Puddling-on-the-Wold for a time to contemplate his future. A quiet month in the country with no distractions might help ease his guilt and depression, and help him figure out how to go forward.

He’s found every living person involved in the accident but one—a young woman who has simply vanished off the face of the earth. He’s paid her parents her share anyway, even though he was unable to apologize in person.

Jack never expects to find her in the cottage across the way, another Guest whose family has despaired that she will ever be normal again. Nicola Mayfield’s physical injuries have healed, but she’s lost her power of speech. While her thoughts are just as lively as ever, she can’t seem to put them into words. A chance encounter with her handsome neighbor makes her want to flirt and flutter again. But what will she do when she finds he’s the cause of her troubles?

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